Thursday, 26 May 2016

May Songs

Our May session was great as ever. The sun DID shine but still the people came and we had a reasonable turnout (enough to cover costs anyway) and much fun!

Your link to Chris's recordings is here 

May songs

and a little extra from Chris

James May - Hold back the river

See you on 18th June, for our last SingWiv before the two month summer break.

April songs - oops!

Well blow me!

I forgot to post Aprils songs and no one noticed!

Never mind. here they are for your delight and digestion!

April songs

Monday, 11 April 2016

March songs - a bit late - Sorry

Well I am so sorry these songs are a little late in being posted. I don't know where my month has gone and I can't believe that this Saturday, 16th April, we sing again!

Anyway - my  apologies and here is the link:          March songs

The Georgian song that we found tough going the month before, we nailed beautifully.

Its not often that we revisit a song that we have recently done, but I think that in this case you will think that it was worthwhile.

Although obviously, we normally post a link to the songs here, you should also be getting them (and more promptly) via email.  If you are not getting your regular emails from me then please let me know. They may be going astray!

See you Saturday

Monday, 29 February 2016

February Sing out Saturday at SingWiv

As per usual, our February session was fun and what a great sound we made. It was lovely to see so many of you again and also some more new faces. 

We struggled slightly with one lovely Georgian song in the run up to tea time (sugar needed I think!) but Chris has promised we can return to it. Christine was in the kitchen at the time, putting the kettle on but she told me afterwards how lovely it sounded, so I definitely think its one we should have another go at sometime!

Click here for  recordings of us singing two of the songs from our last session - I particularly like Sylvie. I thought it was sung sweetly and I really enjoyed it. 

Chris has also sent us links to youtube clips of the songs, both really worth listening to. Beware of Rita Coolidge singing The Cherokee Morning Song - its a real ear worm  - I haven't stopped singing it since I heard it again! 

Don't forget, you can sign up to Chris's mailing list and keep up to date with information regarding other workshops and singing days he is running. A whole weekend of singing with Chris is a real treat.

Our next session is on 19th March, which is the week before Easter - Hot cross bun anyone?

Friday, 29 January 2016

Singing out on Saturday in January!

SingWiv on Saturday 16th January broke our record for numbers. It was lovely to see such a full room. Thank you all for making the effort and for spreading the word about our regular Saturday Sings.

We made a great noise - although we were a little hesitant when it came to the recordings but as Chris says, this is not supposed to be our best attempt.

The link to the recordings is below and I hope you enjoy listening to them. The Marvin Gaye song, "You're all I need to get by", is one of my favourites from my youth,  but I never expected to be singing it in three part unaccompanied harmony - well done all, and well done Chris!

January recordings

Chris has also added a couple of YouTube clips for your enjoyment, of "Minuit" - an African one and the link below, which is for Paul Winter's version - beautifully gentle. I love it.

Paul Winter's "Minuit"

Our next session is on Saturday 20th February, when we look forward to seeing you all again.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Welcome back and Happy New Year

Happy New Year All.

Hopefully you all had a a pleasant festive season and are ready to get back to your regular monthly singing sessions.

Our next SingWiv session is this coming Saturday (that's 16th January ), as usual in the the Scout Hall off the High Street in Wivenhoe.  Please arrive at about 1.45 for a prompt 2.00 start. The diversion around the entrance to Wivenhoe is still in place and the buses are now also diverted, so they are also using Keelers Lane (at least they were this week - it seems to keep changing!)

This Saturday also sees the start of Chris's regular morning sessions in Copdock. Obviously we want you to keep coming top SingWiv - without decent numbers we will not be able to continue. However, should you find yourself unable to attend our afternoon session, you now have another option.

Please tell any friends you have who live a little closer to Ipswich - maybe we can bump up the numbers for both sessions.

We are really looking forward to singing again - the rotten weather recently might have dampened our spirits a bit, so a good sing - maybe with a song from warmer climes - will be just the ticket.

Looking forward to seeing you all (and your friends) on Saturday.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

December Songs

What a great turnout we had again this month!

December is always a tricky month, with so much going on, so it was wonderful to see such a healthy number of singers who were up for fun and happy to take a break from Christmas stress.

The link to Chris's recording is below, together with links to versions of Kolo Kolola and Byla Cesta.

December Songs

Them Mushrooms - Kolo kolola

Byla Cesta

Our next session is 16th January and it will be lovely to see you all, well-rested after your Christmas break !!? when we can leave the carols and seasonal songs behind and concentrate on the new year ahead, with some wonderful songs from around the world.

All that is left now, is for me to wish you all, from "us" a very Merry Christmas, doing whatever makes you happy and we look forward to singing with you in 2016.